St. Stephen’s Parish

67 East Street | On Park Square | Pittsfield, MA

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Some Parking Options

  • Park Square. There are several spaces here. These fill up fast.
  • Berkshire Bank Parking Lot. Permissible on Sundays (all day), after 12:00 PM on Saturdays, and after 5:00 PM weekdays. Very convenient. About 20 spaces available. This allows for easy access to St. Stephen’s via the Allen Street entrance.
  • On-street parking around the block on Allen Street, Federal Street, and Wendell Ave.
  • A few spots are available on Fenn Street. All have 90 minute limits on weekdays.
  • Large parking lot across from Pittsfield Commons. Drivers can enter from First Street, Fenn Street or Pearl Street. Most spots have 90 minute limits, some 3 hours – no limits on Saturdays/Sundays/Evenings.